It’s only now that researchers are learning about the benefits of bee pollen, but the fact is that it is one of nature’s most complete nutrient rich foods. To put it in perspective, bee pollen has 40% protein, folic acid, vitamin B Complex and amino acids, figures that other foods cannot match.

As the latest research shows, bee pollen has more protein compared to animal food sources, and in terms of amino acid amount is much richer than cheese, eggs and beef. Medical doctors have also discovered that the pollen can be used to rectify nutritional imbalances, treat your skin and even improve prostate health, but there’s more.

Increases Energy

One of the most important bee pollen health benefits is being a natural energizer, and this is possible due to its rich combination of B vitamins, protein and carbohydrates. The more stamina your body has, the more time you’ll be able to spend working out and being physically active. As one expert put it, bee pollen is an effective product for battling fatigue.

Skin Treatment

One of the most important bee pollen benefits for women is as a natural skin soother. After several extensive tests, it’s been proven that bee pollen is effective for treating eczema, psoriasis and other skin irritation conditions such as inflammation. Apparently, the secret lies in the vitamins and amino acids, as they promote cell regeneration while providing skin protection at the same time.

Protects the Respiratory System

No discussion of bee pollen benefits for men will be complete without mentioning its effect on the respiratory system. For a long time now, practitioners of alternative medicine have been using bee pollen to treat asthma, but it’s only now that experts have learned that it is rich in antioxidants which protect lung tissues and could prevent asthma.

Anti-allergy Treatment

This is one of the most extensively studied health benefits of bee pollen, and there’s no longer any doubting it. In a comprehensive study conducted by Dr. Leo Conway of Denver, Colorado, results show that 94% of individuals tested were relieved from all allergy symptoms after consuming the pollen. The tests showed that not only were they now allergy-free, but other problems like asthma and respiratory infections were cleared up as well.

Improves Digestion

Bee pollen supplement benefits include stabilizing your digestive functions, which can be attributed to its enzymes, protein, minerals and vitamins. Of all these however, enzymes are the most important because they make it easy for your body to receive all the nutrients it needs to function.

Boosts Your Immune System

While studying the potential bee pollen granules benefits, scientists learned that it is essential for the intestinal flora, fortifying your immune system in the process. Following extensive clinical trials, it was established that bee pollen has properties similar to antibiotics which helps the body deal with viruses and bacteria. Subsequent research also demonstrated that bee pollen is full of antioxidants that keep cells from being damaged due to the presence of free radicals.

Effective Addiction Treatment

There’s also research ongoing which shows that bee pollen pills benefits include the inhibition of cravings, which makes it an ideal treatment for addiction. While research is still ongoing, there seems little doubt that it is effective for managing weight. As anyone who’s tried to lose weight before will tell you, the toughest part is trying to curb those hunger pangs, but bee pollen could be the answer.

Provides Cardiovascular Support

Bee pollen contains rutin, an antioxidant bioflavonoid that strengthens the blood vessels, the capilliaries and prevents circulatory problems from spreading. There is also evidence that bee pollen keeps cholesterol levels manageable. In fact there is evidence which indicates that the pollen has anti-clotting properties that prevent stroke and heart attack.

Prostate Treatment

Apart from those already mentioned, researchers have determined that men suffering from benign prostate hyperplasia will experience relief by taking this pollen. Aside from preventing inflammation, pollen also keeps you from urinating frequently. There’s a lot more study needed to fully confirm this, but the results look promising to say the least.

Treating Infertility

There’s evidence which suggests that sufficient amounts of bee pollen restores and stimulates the ovaries, good news for women dealing with pregnancy issues. There are also indications that it’s also a potent aphrodisiac.

What are the Other Benefits of Bee Pollen?

Besides those that have already been mentioned, bee pollen is also effective for the following:

– Increases vitality and promotes physical endurance
– Increases stamina
– Helps the body recover from chronic illnesses
– Recover from illnesses and infections
– Keeps intestines functioning properly
– Stimulates blood flow and development
– Makes you less susceptible to flu, cold and other common ailments
– Has anti-cancer properties

Because bee pollen contains all the essential nutrients men and women need, health experts recommend you take them to make up for whatever nutritional deficiencies you may be suffering from. Some of the most extensive tests have been done in Russia, most notably the Institute of Agriculture.

The researchers at the Institute concluded that honeybee pollen is the “richest source of vitamins” in any single natural food. According to experts, even if it didn’t have other ingredients, it is worth taking for the rutin alone. As it is, bee pollen is now considered by health experts as a complete food source.

Aside from providing the body with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, bee pollen also has properties that prevent harmful bacteria from forming or entering the body. However, it does not interfere with the functions of good bacteria. Following this discovery, scientists also learned that its antibiotic factor works against bacteria and salmonella.

How Do You Take Bee Pollen?

To take advantage of bee pollen skin benefits, you’ll need to consume the appropriate amounts. If you’re taking it in supplemental form, follow the instructions stated on the label and don’t take more than what’s recommended. As food, you should take a spoonful in the morning with breakfast. You can take the supplement or food on its own or with a fruit, it’s your choice.