With Zi Xiu Tang bee pollen reviews ranging from positive to negative, it’s easy to get confused, so you’re probably wondering if it’s effective or just another over-hyped product. Given the amount of information –and disinformation- online about the product, it’s become difficult to separate the fact from the myth, so here’s what you need to know minus the fanfare.

How Does it Work?

Zi Xiu Tang bee pollen capsules are being advertised as weight loss products, and in a sense this is correct because people have shed pounds while using it. However, it’s more like a cleansing product and a laxative. According to the manufacturer, the supplement increases your metabolism and burns body fat quickly without the need for diet and exercise.

In addition to reducing weight, the company claims that it also detoxifies the body, getting rid of unhealthy toxins without the need to diet. But how is the product able to do this? To find out, let’s see what the ingredients are.

What are the Ingredients?

Zi Xiu Tang with cassia and senna contains several ingredients, although there’s no question that senna is the most widely recognized as it is a laxative and it’s categorized by the FDA as a non-prescription OTC laxative medication.

The main ingredients include:

Bee pollen: researchers have learned that bee pollen stimulates metabolism, reduces your appetite and hunger cravings, and there’s also evidence it can help people who have kidney problems.

Chinese yam: also known as Rhizoma dioscoreae Dioscorea, test results show that it reduces body fat. However, the studies were done on mice and not people.

Barbarry wolfberry fruit: also known as Lycium barbarum, a study showed that this Chinese shrub increases calorie burn up and reduces fat in men and women. In addition, the herb boosts metabolism by more than 10%.

Dietary fiber: fiber is usually included in most diet supplements because it has proven to be effective in burning calories and getting rid of toxins.

The other ingredients are:
Green tea
Radish seed
Lotus leaf
Polygonum multiflorum

Vitamins (the manufacturer doesn’t specify what vitamins are included)
If you look at the ingredients, it should be clear that many are authentic and have been tested and shown to work.

However, some of its other ingredients like lotus seed have not been independently tested at all. There’s also the question of side effects, and as the following information will show the list is quite extensive.

What are the Side Effects?

There’s no weight loss product available today without side effects and this is no exception. Among the most common Zi Xiu tang bee pollen side effects are diarrhea, abdominal cramping and gas because it contains senna, a laxative.

Some people have also experienced flatulence, dizziness and bloating, which can be very inconvenient.

If excessive diarrhea occurs, you’ll lose plenty of electrolytes, weakening your heart and other muscle tissues. The more muscle tissues you lose the more difficult muscle contraction becomes, and this can be critical because your heart is a muscle.
In addition to these:

Don’t use this product or any product with senna if you have high blood pressure because it could lead to liver failure and other complications

Senna can damage the colon so don’t take this product if your family has a history of colon cancer

Do not take this product if you are diabetic, pregnant, breastfeeding, suffer from bowel obstructions or have any heart ailment

Your urine may assume a rust or pink color and that’s due to senna, but there’s no reason to worry about it.

Note: some variations of this Chinese product no longer have senna but others might still have it. It’s also not clear what type of cassia is used, because sometimes it is listed as “cassia senna” and other times “cassia, senna” so it’s hard to tell if the product refers to two different products or it uses different names for the same ingredient.

Things to Consider Before Buying

A Zi Xiu Tang bee pollen recall has been issued by the FDA because it contains sibutramine, a substance that contains Phenolphthalein, a chemical that might make you susceptible to cancer. This warning has been issued for both the “genuine” and the counterfeit products so you need to think twice about buying any for sale.

The FDA had tested these products several times and each one contains the two ingredients mentioned above. Second, the FDA has received several complaints from consumers who reported insomnia, seizures, chest pain, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations and suicidal thoughts after using it.

If you do decide to buy this product on the Internet, check the ingredients first and inform your doctor. As indicated in the side effects section, there could be detrimental effects so make sure it’s not going to interact with your condition or medication.

Will This Product Work for Me?

It could work but there are several factors that you need to consider, apart from the FDA warning. While some of the ingredients like bee pollen do have weight loss properties, the amount used in the product isn’t clear. Second, several reviewers say they lost weight within 30 days, but these claims haven’t been verified at all.

The product manufacturer also claims that you don’t need to exercise or go on a diet to lose weight. While this may be true, not exercising poses health risks on its own so the fact that it’s not required is unusual to say the least. One of the good things about the product though is that it is rich in fiber, and there are several studies which prove its benefits.


Since the FDA issued the warning for both genuine and Zi Xiu Tang bee pollen counterfeit products, it’s best not to buy this product. Is it effective? Based on the ingredients and some testimonials, it could be, and there is evidence that bee pollen does reduce weight.

However, you’re better off trying a different weight loss product, something that’s been proven to work and hasn’t been banned by the FDA.