Is Bee Pollen Good For Allergies Or Are They the Cause

While plant pollen is usually used as a therapy for allergies, it needs to be noted that some people really have honey bee plant pollen allergies.

In many cases, individuals who have an allergy to plant pollen have actually had previous reactions to bee stings or bee products such as honey.

If you are thinking about taking bee pollen supplement capsules as well as have had a reaction to bee stings or bee products in the past then you must talk with your medical professional just before taking any bee pollen capsules

How Do You Get Bee Pollen Allergies

Bee pollen allergies are caused when you consume any kind of honey bee pollen and your immune system views this pollen as a foreign substance and unsafe. Consequently it over reacts in order to manage what it considers as a danger to your health. To guard the physical body from what it thinks is an intruder the body’s immune system releases highly effective antitoxins called histamines.

These histamines result in inflammation that can impact the eyes, nose, skin, air passages, and organs. In many cases, the allergy could be so extreme that if left unattended or not treated properly an individual can go into anaphylactic shock as well as possibly die.

Sometimes it is Not the Fault of the Bee Pollen

Some individuals which have never ever shown any signs of an allergy to stings or various other bee products could find themselves having an allergic reaction when taking bee pollen.

In instances such as these the bee pollen allergic reactions you are experiencing might not be because of the plant pollen itself, however it is pollutants that are in the bee plant pollen.

That is why it is vitally important for you to understand where the bee pollen you are taking originates from.

Honey bee pollen that is gathered from hives in locations where there is a lot of pesticides and chemicals, or it is near industrial areas are more likely to be infected by these kinds of contaminants. It might be these pollutants that are creating the allergic reaction, not the bee pollen itself.

Just before purchasing and using any bee plant pollen supplement make the effort to learn where your honey bee pollen comes from as well as whether that area is devoid of contamination. Make sure of this, you want bee pollen that gives you wellness, not one that makes you ill.

Once you have discovered a pollen supplement that you can trust then for the first couple of days take small amounts of bee pollen. This way if you do have bee pollen allergies you minimize the threat of a severe response.

If a reaction does happen, see your physician right away. You may additionally wish to have an allergic reaction test to see if the response you experienced was because of the honey bee pollen or not.

Many people do not have honey bee pollen allergies, but with any kind of supplement it is much better to be safe compared to taking a risk with your life and your health.

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